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Dyslexia Basics

Educational Approaches

Structured Literacy

Is this just for students with dyslexia?

Assistive Technology and Accommodations

  • Speech to text

    • Learner Ally

  • Text to speech

    • Kami PDF Reader and annotator

  • Spelling and Grammar

    • Grammarly

  • Vocabulary

    • Rewordify

      • Can create vocabulary cards or flashcards lists for unknown words

  • Organization

    • Google Keep

    • aNote

  • Visual Tracking

    • Visor

  • Study Guides

    • Quizlet

  • Microsoft AT tools

  • CraftyLevel

    • Shows you the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level for any web page


How accommodations help students reach goals

Recommended Reading

Multimedia Resources for Educators

Useful Links


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